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Save The Marriage Review

When it comes to saving a marriage it might seem impossible. It might even seem ore impossible to believe a book can give you the secrets to your marriage, but the truth is the psychology of men and women and relationships is predictable. This means there are certain ways you can rebuild any relationship, ways to get back to the core of why you love each other and decide to be together. When you read Save the Marriage, some of the answers will seem so simple you will wonder how you didn’t come up with them on your own.

Miscommunication Fallacy
Most people assume that if the communication in their marriage was better the marriage itself would be better. This is often reaffirmed by therapy but it isn’t usually the root cause of the problems. It isn’t that the couple isn’t communicating but it is how they are perceiving what is being communicated. What needs to be worked on is how we hear and how we understand one another. In a couple all people want is to be understood, to feel that the other person “knows” them. This error in perception is enough to drive people crazy and cause major road blocks in happiness. This book will help you change your perspective, help you change your perception and move on to a happy, honest marriage.

Therapy Focuses too Much on the “I”
Therapy can be a great thing but most couple’s therapists are still focused on the “I.” These statements do more harm than good. Save the Marriage shows you how it is all about turning the “I” into a “We.” No matter how long people have been married there is still this move towards individuality. Marriages that really work have turned into a partnership where the individual is fine on their own, but together the couple is ultimately a total “we.” This leads to happiness and understanding.

Move Past the Control
Agendas are killer. The burdens of life force us to do things we don’t want to do, but Save the Marriage helps you see how these agendas can often taint the relationship and lead to control problems. Sticking with the “we” assumption, it needs to be about finding the best path together, not forcing the other person into a corner. The strive for control is truly primal and it is something you have to consciously move past in order to find the right balance in the marriage, Save the Marriage can help you do that.

Learn to Really Relate
Everyone talks bout understanding one another, but that means moving beyond words. In Save the Marriage you learn ways to relate to each other. To build a relationship that is center to everything. It is beyond words, it is a connection of mind and body that makes it easier to understand one another and easier to enjoy one another. This type of change is so base that you will feel the entire marriage shift once this step is realized.

Clear Communication
While perception is key, you do still have to be able to communicate. Save the Marriage helps you find the right way to communicate so that your words do not become lost in translation. This means you know what is being said and you can be assured your partner will understand the facts not assume in the wrong direction. This makes a huge difference in everything you do and by taking on communication openly you will find the marriage starts to “click” better than ever.

Taking the Right Action
Kids are taught every day about doing the right thing, how important it is. Save the Marriage helps you locate the right actions for your marriage. This means understanding one another in a way that makes the right move so clear, so easy to see that you always know what to do . There will be no more guessing. In addition, it takes out the bitterness. Instead of coming from a place of control, it comes from a place of nurturing the marriage, a place of real love.

Save the Marriage is so easy to use that any couple can take on the practice. Each section clearly outlines what will be covered and gives you specific exercises so you can directly apply what you learn to your marriage, to your situation. This is imperative for the practical application of all the content. These exercises allow you to personalize the program in a way that makes sense for who you are as a couple. It means that the content applies to everyone in a way that makes it fit like a glove.

Find Your North Star
The reasons for marriage vary though many of the ones typically listed stay the same - children, sex, companionship, etc. The problem is this is a very surface way to look at the partnership you have formed. Your north star, your guiding light should be something deeper, something that fills your soul. Save the Marriage helps you locate this soul saving purpose and renews your purpose in your marriage. It gives you more to strive towards and helps you understand each other in a new way. It also helps to ensure the connection lasts even when the children are removed from the picture or your careers are over. You need a focus that is together.

Save the Marriage is a great beginning to really understanding your marriage and what you should expect. You need to go through every page, every exercise and help yourself find real happiness. The truth is that most marriages are salvageable if people are willing to do the work. There is a reason you go together, there is a reason you have grown apart. Like a Bonsai tree you can reshape the direction of your connection and rebuild the love and faith you have in one another. Save the Marriage is the guidebook you need to get there. It is an instruction manual to happiness that everyone needs.

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